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Prof. Pascal Lorenz
University of Haute Alsace, France
It is my honor to be the editor-in-chief of IJFCC. The journal publishes good papers in the field of future computer and communication. Hopefully, IJFCC will become a recognized journal among the readers in the filed of future computer and communication.

IJFCC 2013 Vol.2(4): 292-295 ISSN: 2010-3751
DOI: 10.7763/IJFCC.2013.V2.170

Development of a Network Adaptive H.264/AVC Medical Video Transmission System

Yi-Fei Xu and Hai-Bo Hu

Abstract—Network high definition video applications such as video calls and videoconferences have been increasingly developed recent years. When congestions occur and network environment becomes unstable, the network applications have to deal with such issues like delay, packet loss and bandwidth constraints. In this paper, we describe a high definition H.264/AVC video transmission system with network adaptive function based on real-time transport protocol (RTP) and real-time transport control protocol (RTCP). The adaptive system is composed of three components: 1) transmission management (TM) which focuses on network state monitoring, bandwidth allocating and transmission rate control; 2) a feedback-based adaptive forward error correction (AFEC) scheme using Reed Solomon (RS) code; 3) adaptive video encoding (AVE) that adjusts the bitrate of video streaming according to the bandwidth constraint information offered by TM. In our paper, delay, packet loss and bandwidth constraints are generated by the network bottleneck and congestions. Hence, the main idea is to enhance the bitrate of video streaming adapt to the bandwidth constraints. In addition, we integrate AFEC with RTCP to feedback bandwidth status and make the adaptive video streaming more robust under packet loss environment. Here we call it interactive adaptive forward error correction (IAFEC). The test result shows IAFEC can be adaptive to strict bandwidth constraints and high packet loss rates.

Index Terms—H.264, RTP, RTCP, streaming, reed solomon code, AFEC

The authors are with the Biomedical Engineering Institute Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China. 200240 (email: huhaibo@sjtu.edu.cn)


Cite: Yi-Fei Xu and Hai-Bo Hu, "Development of a Network Adaptive H.264/AVC Medical Video Transmission System," International Journal of Future Computer and Communication vol. 2, no. 4 pp. 292-295, 2013.

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