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Prof. Pascal Lorenz
University of Haute Alsace, France
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IJFCC 2016 Vol.5(3): 158-162 ISSN: 2010-3751
doi: 10.18178/ijfcc.2016.5.3.463

Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) of the 4G LTE Perspective

Settapong Malisuwan, Dithdanai Milindavanij, and Wassana Kaewphanuekrungsi
Abstract—The increasing uptake of Internet of Things (IoT), Big data and cloud-based services introduces a new set of requirements for network performance. Furthermore, the evolution of mobile networks towards an all-IP 4G LTE introduces new challenges for traditional voice and data services. It is critical for operators to guarantee minimum levels of performance. Therefore, operators need to understand and manage both quality and performance of the services to fulfill on the technical quality of service (QoS) as well as on the quality of experience (QoE) level. 4G LTE broadband mobile technologies have been designed with different QoS (Quality of Service) frameworks to enable delivery of the evolving Internet applications. Specifically, it is fundamental requirement to provide satisfactory service delivery to users and also to manage network resources. To provide QoS, different service levels are specified for different types or stream of traffic in term of throughput, latency (delay), jitter (delay variation) and packet errors or loss. This paper aims to provide a basic principle of QoS of the 4G LTE service. The impact of QoS parameter on QoE such as real-time and video communication services is discussed in this paper. QoS for 5G and M2M networks is also discussed in this paper as a future research.

Index Terms—Quality of service (QoS), quality of experience (QoE), 4G, LTE, mobile, subscriber.

The authors are with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), Thailand (e-mail: settapong.m@nbtc.go.th, dithdanai.m@nbtc.go.th, puiwassana@gmail.com).


Cite: Settapong Malisuwan, Dithdanai Milindavanij, and Wassana Kaewphanuekrungsi, "Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) of the 4G LTE Perspective," International Journal of Future Computer and Communication vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 158-162, 2016.

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