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IJFCC 2023 Vol.12(4): 77-83
DOI: 10.18178/ijfcc.2023.12.4.607

Footy Forecast – Measuring Performance in Football

Shlok Asher, Monika Mangla, Chirag Rohra*, Soham Desai, and Neha Agarwal

Abstract—This paper proposes a novel approach to detect and evaluate players in football using Voronoi diagrams and a set of metrics devised by the author. The proposed method is based on the idea that the performance of a player can be evaluated by analyzing the area of the field they cover during a match. To achieve this, the positions of all players on the field are first detected using computer vision techniques. Then, Voronoi diagrams are used to partition the field into regions that are closer to a particular player than any other. The area of each player's Voronoi region is calculated and compared to the average area of all regions to determine their level of play. The set of metrics used to evaluate a player's performance is based on the time spent in different regions of the field, the distance covered, and the number of successful passes, among others. The proposed method is evaluated on a dataset of football matches and compared with existing methods for player evaluation. The results show that the proposed approach outperforms existing methods in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Overall, this paper provides a promising new direction for player evaluation in football using computer vision and Voronoi diagrams.

Index Terms—Player detection, player tracking, voronoi, opencv, YOLOv5

The authors are with Department of Information Technology Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai, India,
*Correspondence: chiragrohra06@gmail.com (C.R.)


Cite: Shlok Asher, Monika Mangla, Chirag Rohra, Soham Desai, and Neha Agarwal, "Footy Forecast – Measuring Performance in Football," International Journal of Future Computer and Communication, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 77-83, 2023.

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